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In the late 1990's, Elephant Nature Park (ENP) founder, Lek Chailert set out on a mission to provide a sanctuary for forgotten animals. From humble beginnings, Lek has grown ENP into a world changing sanctuary. Today, the park provides this much needed refuge for elephants and many other rescued animals. The park is also a model to trekking camps throughout Asia as to how to work with, care for and co-exist with elephants in a gentler cruelty free manner. Thailand is home to a blossoming coffee industry, and Elephant Nature Park has created an initiative to support local Thai villages through coffee education. The park provides the initial coffee plants to the villages and teaches them farming and processing techniques. This new connection between the park and small scale farms has created jobs for many people, specifically women who have been marginalized. This project has empowered them to provide for their families, learn a useful skill set, and gain a voice in their communities. ENP's coffee initiative is also on a mission to reduce deforestation in northern Thailand. The coffee is shadegrown under lychee trees and the natural hardwood forest canopy. This saves many species' habitats, especially the home of the endangered Asian elephant! Process: Washed and milled from 5 villages in Northern Thailand. Altitude: 1500 Meters Above Sea Level Varietal: Borboun and Caturra Region: Khun Yuam, Lampang, Paka


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