$15.00 Żlb.

A naturally scented tea using only the blossoms, with no flavorings or essential oils added.
The most popular usage of Osmanthus in Chinese cuisine is in desserts: blossom are added to a simple syrup and used as a garnish for sweets.
For teas, osmanthus is added much like jasmine. Scenting takes place after the green tea leaves have been de-enyzmed, rolled, and sufficiently dried (about 7% moisture remaining) to stabilize the tea. Flowers are tossed with the blossoms repeatedly and allowed to rest, so that the tea leaves absorb the fragrance. A final drying follows.
This particular osmanthus green comes from Jiangxi province, a prodigious producer of green teas. The fragrance is sweet, but the tea has a good balance of leaf and flower, making it a mellow cup rather than leaving an overly cloying, sweet taste.

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