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from Fumei Village, Daping Township in Anxi County in southern Fujian. Anxi County is known primarily for its TiKuanYin teas but Hairy Crab (along with Qi Lan, Ben Shan) is one of the better known varietals.
The tea is named for the fine downy hairs on the underside of the tea leaves, and the tea gardens are situated an at elevation of 900 meters.
This particular varietal grows quickly, and the leaves are ready for plucking after 3-4 years. The leaves are thick yet brittle with slightly serrated edges. After plucking and indoor withering, the leaves are tossed to bruise the edges, at which point oxidation begins. This Oolong is oxidized about 35-40%. Rolling is followed by drying. The finished primary tea is sorted and dried again to stabilize the tea.
As is typical of southern Fujian oolongs, the leaves are tightly rolled, and an inspection of the infused leaves show the slight ragged edges of standard oolong processing, and the dark green leaves show relatively light oxidation. Hairy Crab oolong is enjoyed for its round, floral character.

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